Cylinder Rod Reconditioning

Cylinder rods connect your pistons to your crankshaft, and over time your bearings wear and can spin in the housing bore. We offer spun bearing replacement and repair for your damaged cylinder rods.

Install ARP Bolts

When performance matters trust your engine to a seasoned professional. ARP bolts connect your rod to the crankshaft for maximum performance. We install ARP bolts in performance engines. Contact us to schedule your service.

Magnaflux Rods

Magnafluxing is the process of checking for cracking or metal fatigue on your cylinder rods, heads and blocks. A qualified technician will magnaflux your cylinder rods, heads and blocks to inspect for wear or damage.

Pistion Pin Bushings

Piston pin bushings are bronze and they easily wear over time. We replace and/or resize the bushings to restore your engine to new tolerance making it run smoother.