Engine Cylinder Block Reconditioning

General Crankshaft can repair and recondition your cracked or otherwise damaged aluminum and cast iron cylinder blocks to like new condition. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by repairing your old block. We specialize in cylinder block reconditioning and repair, both in aluminum and cast iron, gas and diesel applications.

Our company is capable of many machining tasks. Machining processes include re-boring and honing, line boring and align hone work, block decking, lower liner repair sleeves, cylinder re-sleeving.

We are able to restore main tunnel bores to exact alignment and correct size on small blocks as well as large blocks. In addition to align honing, we also have the block line bored where severe failure has taken place.

Hot Tanking

When your cast iron blocks, cranks, heads or rods need to be degreased bring them in for a hot tanking bath. This service will clean up your cast iron parts like new.

**Note** This service can not be performed on aluminum parts as they melt.

Cam Bearing

Whether you are hot tanking or rebuilding your engine block you should replace your cam bearings. For proper oiling of your cam shaft and journals your cam shaft bearings should be replaced.

Freeze Plug

Often engines ship from the factory with steel plugs and over time they rust and corrode. We service your freeze plugs by removing them, cleaning or replacing water jackets, cylinder heads and cylinder blocks. It is ideal to replace your old plugs with brass freeze plugs when possible so they will not rust or corrode to give your engine block added life.

Cylinder Sleeving

If your cylinder rod breaks and/or cracks your cylinder wall we can repair your engine with a cylinder sleeve. We oversize your cracked cylinder wall to press in a new sleeve and bore to factory specification, saving you from the need to buy a new engine block.